Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hey everyone! We've just hit 1000!!!!!
What ARE we going to do to celebrate? Ideas please.
Add them to the comments. This is pretty impressive considering we've only been
going since February.
What do you think about the new layout? Add those comments too.
Remember, this is OUR blog - not just mine. :-)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hi everyone
I've created a link for you to add you thinking and learning to.
The focus for this one will be on what you learn in Dunedin.
Everyone will need to add their thoughts to this.
You just need to click on the link and then add your thoughts.
The posts come to me first so that I can moderate / check them.
I will then okay them for you to view. Just another way to share
learning and keep you safe on the net.
Don't forget to add your name under your comment as the learner.
Parents coming with us could add their thoughts too! :-)


This is another way to show our learning. You just need to click on the link and add your thinking and learning.
I have got it set up so that any posts come to me first. This is another way to keep you safe on the net.
Have fun sharing your learning.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blog Visits

We are nearly at 1000 visits!!! How do we celebrate this? What could we do?
Add your ideas as comments. This is a real achievement considering that
we have only been going for a few months.
What could we add to the blog as a celebration?

Friday, May 21, 2010


Check out this SlideShare Presentation:
I thought that it would be another great tool to use
in our writing. What are your thoughts?

Amazing Photos

Hey everyone!
Have a look at these! In what ways could we use them in our learning? What are your suggestions? Log in or follow and add your questions / comments.
Just click on each photo and a new one will come up.
When you look at them, what do you wonder about?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Halogen Foundation / Young Leaders Link

Hi everyone
I've added a link to the NZ Halogen Foundation website. This is the organisation
that runs the Young Leaders Days. On the site you can find out about the speakers
who will be presenting to our lovely class.
This is the 10th year that Young Leaders has been running so it's pretty special
to be able to go to this as a class.
I am asking the children to read / research the speakers and think of some
questions they would like to ask them. There are opportunities during
the day to ask questions.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cross Country Wishes

Good luck to everyone for the Cross Country tomorrow! Run hard and enjoy yourselves.
Be the great sportspeople I know you can be and do yourselves and your school proud. Go Myross Bush!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brain Learning and Posting Comments

Hi everyone
We've had a really busy week as you've hopefully heard.
This week we are continuing our focus on Multiplication / Division - please encourage your children to spend some time on their basic facts as part of their homework. This can be either on the games linked to the blog or using the cards they have taken home.
In writing, we are going to work on our speeches. This will involve listening to speeches on some of our education sites - including some very famous speeches. From this we will create our own rubrics for successful speeches. This will also be part of the homework for the next two weeks.
Our reading is also linked to this.
We've just received replies from our epals and the children can choose to reply to these at home. (All mail comes to me first, so there is no problem completing this at home - a great safety feature of this system). The epals have become another great way to encourage writing in a relevant context.
We're all very excited about our inquiry and where it will head. We are in the Tuning In stage of the process. The children are learning about how the inquiry process works and will add their knowledge to the blog.
They would love to have more comments on the blog. I have made some changes to the security of the blog. Only followers of the blog can now comment and the comments come to me first. This stops any unwanted comments, or people from outside the school whom we may not want to be followers, contributing to the blog.
It would be great of all of you could add your names as followers to help us create a really strong learning community. If you are having trouble 'following', just let me know and I can help - hopefully.
Have a great week. :-)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

View inside the skull with Team Room 8 Learning.

These are just some of our many questions so far:

How many cells must you lose before brain damage? Rory.
How much does the brain weigh? Shannon.
What does the brain run on? Brock.
How does your brain work? Anthony.
What does the brain do when I am sleeping? Hollie.
How does the brain get to sleep? Harry.
How many cells in a brain? Olivia
Is it true that 90 percent of people are right handed? Fraser.
How many cells do you have in your body? Bailey.
How many cells are in your brain? Emma.
How is the brain made? Ellie.
What keeps the brain alive? McKeely.
How does the brain make you think? E.J.
How many bones are in the brain? Shinikka.
Why does our brain question whereas other animals don't ? Cameron.
How many cells are in a human brain? Niamh.
Why does the female brain weigh more than the male's brain? Kiera.
Does your brain need liquid to support its weight? Calum H.
How much blood does the brain contain? Brooke.
Why does the brain need so much water? Scott.
Why does the brain need so much food? George.
How does the brain hold everything? Brayden.
What is the brain made of? Callum B
How much does the brain weigh? Liam.
How can we change what we do in the classroom to make the most of knowing how we learn? Mrs H.

What are your questions? We'd love to hear what your questions are - parents too! Just click on comment to a
add a question. Help us get to 100!

We're trying to get 50 to 100 questions for our brain and learning for inquiry.

By the Team in Room 8 :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Hollie's day out.

When Hollie went out to Dog Island last week she saw something amazing...... A whale!!! It went right under there boat. Scary!!! They were catching blue cod when it swam up beside their boat. The class thinks it must have been really amazing.

Room 8

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Michigan and Statistics

Hi everyone! We've had a really busy day. We now have our emails up and running - many thanks to Mr Lovelock, McKeely and Hollie. The girls, in particular, have saved me a lot of time so thank you so much! This means that we can now have our individual blogs set up to show what we are learning and how our learning journey is progressing.
We have lots more bits and pieces to add to this blog: videos, Prezis - a new tool for learning - and Activboard bits and pieces to show our questions and knowledge about Michigan.
We've been invited to become epals with another class in British Columbia. Gosh we're learning a lot about our world.
We also looked at the statistics features on our blog. This ties in really well with our current strand focus in maths - statistics - and gives our learning a very real world context. We can not only see how many visitors but can also see where they are from and how many times they return!
Keep a look out for more exciting happenings!

Monday, May 3, 2010

What do we want to know about Michigan?

We've been doing some thinking and questioning about where our epals live. We have added our questions.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Comments about Adora Svitak's speech

Hi everyone
The children's comments have been added to the blog under the title of the video. Once they have their own blog accounts next week, they will be able to add the comments more efficiently themselves.
We've added a couple of photos to show that we learn from each other in Room 8. These are photos of one group running a workshop on how to use the cartoon feature to show learning on the Activboard.

A Basic Experiment with Prezi. Click on the arrow to move.