Saturday, December 11, 2010

End of Year Thoughts and Epals

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for assembly on Friday!!!! You have always had such a talent as a group of singers. Meanies made me cry! I absolutely loved the song and it meant a great deal to me. You've been an amazing group - I've loved the laughs, your hard work, great attitudes and perseverance. All of you are great examples of the Myross Bush values.
Don't ever change! Keep believing in yourselves and aiming high. Only you can stop yourselves from achieving the goals you set.
I hope you will all come back and visit and let me know what you are up to and the successes you are having - there will be so many I know!
Thank you so much for a very special year - keep smiling! :-)

p.s. - I've forwarded your epals messages on to you. Wasn't it great to be able to Skype the kids in Michigan! I will leave your accounts active until the end of the year. If you want to keep communicating, you will need to get your parents' permission to email them on your accounts at home.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Global Communication Predictions for the Future

Another question to ponder and add your thoughts as comments.
Don't forget to involve your parents in the discussion too. What
changes have they noticed and what do they predict for the future?

This question:

What predictions can you make about how we will communicate globally in
the future?

Use the hats - blue - to do some thinking about the question and the communication
tools we have now, white - what are the facts about global communication links we have
now, yellow - positives about how we communicate now, black - make a judgement about
current communication - good and bad, red - what are your feelings about current communication
tools and links. Finally, use the green hat to come up with creative ways and new technologies that
may be used in global communication.

Global Communication Changes

A question for you to ponder and add your thoughts to the discussion.
How has our ability to communicate with the rest of the world changed over the past
100 years? Add your thinking, and any questions you have, to the discussion as