We have been thinking about how to keep safe on the Net.  These are our ideas to date.  We will keep adding to them as we learn more about Internet Safety.  Please add your ideas too - you can email us at school.

  • Never put your last name, age, address or phone number on the net.
  • Know how to search safely - adding +k12.
  • Minimise the page and let an adult know straight away if you are concerned about something that comes up on screen.
  • Use tools to keep us safe - e.g. Quietube.
  • Never click on competitions or anything you are unsure of.
  • Always make sure that your comments are appropriate.
  • Comments are moderated through the school email address - moderated in partnership with the teacher and student.
  • We don't follow people we don't know or who are not through an appropriate site, e.g. through another school blog, epals.